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Appeals/Post Conviction

Successful appellate litigation requires the extraordinary skills of researching fine points of the law, persuasive writing and the ability to convince appellate judges, with very specialized knowledge, in oral argument that the position of your client is meritorious.

The image of the flamboyant trial lawyer often clashes with the scholarly appellate attorney. Rarely does one specialist handle the other area. However, Hamar and Hamar have adopted a different philosophy. The secret of handling both trial and appellate work is to have a small enough volume to specialize in both fields.

Hamar and Hamar believe their trial work is more effective if they know the fine legal points and can set up future appellate points during trial. They believe that their appellate work benefits because they understand the behind-the-scenes preparation of the trial lawyer and can better evaluate the areas such as competency of the trial attorney and governmental misconduct when these are issues on appeal.

The Hamars began handling appellate work when Richard Hamar first began trying federal matter in San Francisco in 1970. He won the first appeal he attempted in the case of U.S. v. Denise Brown. Richard Hamar is a member of the Supreme Court of the United States, where he has submitted a writ of certiorari on an issue that became law the next term. Please see Noteworthy Cases.

Hamar and Hamar have appealed matters to five Federal Circuit Courts in the United States and have appealed numerous state cases to the State Supreme Courts. The Hamars also defend civil cases on appeal that they have won. Please see: Noteworthy Cases.

The Hamars carefully read and synopsize the record on appeal. Each potential issue is then researched. Significant issues become a part of the opening brief. Afterwards, there is substantial preparation and practice for oral argument.

The Hamars also investigate matters not in the record to find issues for appellate writs before and after conviction and direct appeal. Most of these issues relate to incompetent counsel or governmental misconduct. Please see Noteworthy Cases.

The fees reflect a very small volume, and intensity of work. Although the fees are not formidable, they are fair and not exorbitant based on the commitment by the law firm.