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The persons who wrote the testimonials below have used their true first name, unless very unique, but initial for their last name in the interest of privacy. However, each one of them would be willing to talk to any prospective client about the character, skills and manner of representation of Richard and Maria Hamar. These testimonials are merely a sample of the clients represented by Richard and Maria Hamar and many more clients would provide testimonials if space were not an issue

Charles C.

As a devoted police officer for 25 years, it was devastating to be arrested and having my photo on the front page for being on the take to help two Mafia crime families. Even though I knew that I was innocent there were bizarre circumstances that made this a tough case. I reached out for suggestions for the very best attorney to tackle the FBI and wiretaps and Richard Hamar was highly recommended. It was one of the best decisions I ever made. Even though Richard lived in California and the case was to be tried in federal court in West Palm Beach, Florida, Richard and his wife, Maria, were constantly in Florida to prepare for this case. Richard and Maria even invited me to stay with them in California to further prepare. It all paid off. The judge was very welcoming to Richard. Richard connected with the jury and the jury was out a short time before finding me not guilty of every charge. I will never forget the surprised look on the faces of the prosecutor and FBI agent. I am still in touch with Richard and Maria and will always have them in my heart.

Erik H.

GOD USED UNFORTUNATE CIRCUMSTANCES TO BRING THESE TWO ANGELS INTO OUR LIVES. A very fine lawyer was representing me in a federal criminal case.. When a second case popped up, I thought my life was over. My lawyer brought in Richard Hamar. When he sat down with me in jail, he was like no other lawyer I have ever met or heard about, except maybe Johnnie Cochran. He was all truth and strength. When he first appeared in Court, I really knew I was going to be ok. The federal judge respected Mr. Hamar and the US Attorney got the message that he better give me the ranch then and there. I was so grateful to Mr. Hamar and the other attorney that when I was released, I invited them to my wedding and shocked them by tearfully telling them in front of everyone that they saved my life. My wife and I have stayed in touch with Richard and Maria and their advice and help has been as good with civil cases. THEIR WARMTH, GENUINE CARING, AND DILIGENCE MAKES US BLESSED TO CALL THEM “FRIENDS.” WE NOT ONLY VALUE THEIR LEGAL EXPERTISE BUT THEIR LIFE LESSONS ADVICE TOO. When I call them, it is always “Hammer Time!”

Sherry W.

I met Richard in the Hong Kong women’s jail awaiting extradition to the United States. I had lost thirty pounds and was in a state of shock that my contact with a Dutch businessman who befriended me was actually a criminal. Richard gave me hope. When I arrived in the United States he fought well and hard for my bond and actually convinced the pretrial services to recommend bond, but I was detained. During my time in detention Richard visited me every few weeks even though he resided in another state. His confidence and spiritual strength kept me going. He filed numerous motions, argued them forcefully and earned the respect of the judge. He also traveled to Thailand and Amsterdam, finally surprising the Dutch informant and having him admit to felony convictions for fraud that had not been disclosed by the Government. After this hard work, I was able to go home. My husband and I always called Richard and his wife, Maria, our angels and still think of them as life savers.

Carlos D.

Richard and Maria were referred to our family to handle a serious matter for my son after he made a mistake in judgment in his choice of friends. Richard drove down from Los Angeles to Orange County almost every week for the better part of one year to visit with my son. Maria picked a very fair jury considering the circumstances. Richard found a scientific expert in Hawaii who changed the way the jury looked at the evidence. Richard’s closing argument was very strong. It was hard to imagine that my son would win his case and his life would be spared but thanks to Richard and Maria, this happened. My son is doing exceptionally well in life and would not have had this opportunity without the excellent defense. Years later, we are still grateful and in touch with Richard and Maria.

Mohammed S.

I will always be grateful for the part of Richard’s life that he devoted to my case in federal court in South Florida. He moved from his home in California to take up residence during my very long trial. Richard was always in the law library in his spare time so he could be prepared to present the best arguments to our judge, who always listened respectfully. It is amazing that Richard could persuade a jury of many Americans and many Jewish people weeks after 9/11 that just because I was from Ramala, Palestine, that I was not a terrorists and that I cared for persons of all religions and cultures. I could not imagine a lawyer working this hard and being so well liked by a jury in a case like mine during those emotional times.